We are transparent and open about our pricing – we aren’t one of those companies that make you call to get basic information, so that we can deliver a hard sell. Bear in mind though that it’s not all about cost – look at the value your provider offers you before making a decision. We offer different approaches to training, suited to your particular needs.

For our online training in coaching and NLP you get:

  • Instant access to cutting edge material, delivered using multimedia in our own unique virtual learning environment.
  • Materials developed by expert NLP trainers, who have wide experience and understanding of adult learning principles
  • The opportunity to study for your own interest or to add to your existing skills set. PLUS if you wish you can take our NLP accreditation exam online for a small additional fee (currently £47 – this will be marked by one of our tutors, you will be given feedback, and on satisfactory completion sent your certificate)
  • Access to an online forum where you can hook up with other people learning with you, and arrange practice sessions and support groups.
  • This is an ideal way to study at your own pace, without any additional costs for travel or hotels, and no time off work – study at your own pace.

With our face-to-face training, you get:

  • Our director of training, Joyce Campbell, has been a hypnotherapist, coach and NLP practitioner since 1990 – that’s a lot of experience! She also has over 10 years training experience, and a certificate in adult education – so not only does she know how to DO this, she also understands how to TEACH it in a way that allows you to rapidly accelerate your learning, without feeling overwhelmed.
  • We don’t work from scripts – this is a huge benefit, as you will learn from the very first morning how you can induce and manage trance using your own and your client’s resources. You will learn how to be responsive to your client, and access your own creativity, rather than delivering ‘off-the-shelf’ scripted hypnosis. This can make all the difference in the results you get with your clients.
  • The emphasis is on ‘doing’. You will learn essential theory, presented in easily digestible chunks, but the training is paractical – within hours, you will be inducing your first trance, under the watchful and caring supervision of Joyce and her team of assistants.
  • Numbers are kept small – there will be a maximum of 16 people on your training, as we want to ensure that we can support and supervise you carefully – you will get ongoing feedback to help you develop.
  • Joyce is also the creator of The Get More Clients System, a system designed to help coaches and therapists build a business. We know that there is more to setting up a successful practice than simply hanging out your shingle – so you will get some great marketing tips and ideas to help you get off to a flying start.

Online certification (NLP)

  • £595 (payable in full at time of booking)

Online certification (coaching)

  • £595 (payable in full at time of booking

Face to face pracitioner of NLP

  • 1450 (full investment)

Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

  • £1250 (full investment)
  • Booking deposit (to be deducted from above) £250

Diploma in Life Coaching

  • £1000 (full investment)
  • Booking deposit (to be deducted from above) £200

Self hypnosis weekend

  • £297 (payable at booking)

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